Revelations of Divine Love
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“In May 1373, a 30-year-old woman took to her bed, believing that she was shortly going to die. To offer her comfort at the point of her death, a curate (a priest’s assistant) at her bedside held a crucifix out in front of her. At this moment, the woman – who is today known as Julian of Norwich – experienced a series of 16 extraordinary visions.

These visions are described in the “Revelations of Divine Love,” which is 
the first work in English to be authored by a woman.” – British Library Museum

A visionary, live-action biopic about the most famous author you’ve never heard of. The first woman to write a book in English was thirty years old and living at home when she experienced the fantastic, otherworldly religious visions that inspired her groundbreaking work.

Julian of Norwich wrote “Revelations of Divine Love” in the midst of a global pandemic, a national uprising, and a societal shift in gender roles and norms. Our film borrows its title from Julian’s book and expands on her memoir with a story crafted from the historical record and speculative fiction.

El Sereno
In Development
Lookbook / Script

Supernatural crises arise when a talented, but unambitious ceramicist moves into a too-good-to-be-true apartment in a crumbling midcentury complex.

Caroline Golum, Director/Co-Writer
Dylan Pasture, Co-Writer

A Feast of Man
Now Streaming on Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Prime

When an eccentric playboy dies unexpectedly, his five closest friends are summoned to the family estate for a reading of his will. Each stands to inherit a million dollars, provided they unanimously agree to eat his dead body.

(World Premiere: Sidewalk Film Festival; Official Selection: IndieMemphis; Sarasota Film Festival; Micro-Waves Cinema Series.)

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